Art and Anthropology: Portrait of object as Filipino

Field Museum Chicago


CHICAGO—The prestigious
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has awarded the

first arts and culture grant to be received by the Field Museum of Natural History and the first given to Filipinos.

This grant from MacArthur Foundation (funder of many PBS programs) will feature an exchange between

five Filipino artists from the US and five from the Philippines, producing 12 new works of art.

Each artist will create a painting portraying a Filipino artifact from the Field Museum collection (and artists in the Philippines will do likewise from local collections).

In addition, all 10 artists will be creating an interactive collage in both places, which will be donated to the respective sponsoring institutions in each country.

In the US, the mural and individual works will be exhibited at the Field Museum.

As part of the project I was able to go to the Philippines for the first time this past summer to showcase my work there as well as create the Philippines colabrative mural.

The completed mural as well as the ten individual works of art will be on exhibit at the FIeld Museum until July 2017.

Click on image to see video of project by: Rose Tibayan

"Deconstructing Filipino" and the 10 individual paintings hanging in the Field Museum Chicago

"Revealed" 36"x 36" Oil on canvas




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