One of a Kind Mosaics

In 2002, a premier Northshore kitchen designer came to Elisa's studio. During the course of his visit he commented on how well one of Elisa's paintings could translate into glass. He was fascinated by the stained glass windows Elisa had already created and he started toying with an idea. After several visits to the studio the designer asked Elisa if she could translate a painting into a medium that would withstand water and other foreign materials to its surface. Elisa had created such a piece over ten years earlier. She had taken ceramic tile, breaking it up in small pieces and glued it to plexiglass. These ceramic mosaics were drawn from her paintings and they had held up quite well.

She wanted a different feel to these new pieces so she created her first glass mosaic and he was thrilled. That first stained glass mosaic is still installed in his store.

The store is DDK Kitchen Design Group in Glenview.

Price for an original stained glass mosaic $650.00 a square foot






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